Pharr Texas Sheraton Hotel

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The city of Pharr is a priority in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, with visitors to the area having to pass through the city to reach their destination. Located just a short drive from the Mexico border and the US border with Mexico, PhARR, Texas is located on the Texas-Mexico border, north of El Paso and south of San Antonio.

The Hinojosa family's heirs occupied the area in 1882 and sold parts of their land to various groups in the late 19th century. In 1909, it became the location of the first hotel in Pharr, Texas, the PhARR Hotel and the second hotel in Texas.

Pharr and the neighboring city of San Juan were founded soon after, and forty years later the city of Alamo was added to the school district, which became known as the San Antonio School District, one of the first public schools in Texas.

The city of Pharr was founded in 1911 and led to its rapid growth, and John Kelly founded the "Pharr Townsite Company," which plated a new city that he named "Pharr" in honor of his partner.

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More About Pharr