Pharr Texas Wyndham Hotel

Mcallen is animal friendly, and the Pharr Texas Wyndham Hotel in Austin, Texas, just outside Houston, is also animal friendly and has pet parking.

The Western Edinburg Inn & Suites welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $15 per pet per night. Western Ed in the town of Fort Worth, Texas, just outside Houston, welcomes up to two dogs under 80 lb and allows two cats under 5 lbs and one dog under 2 lbs.

Pharr in McAllen, Texas, just outside Corpus Christi, allows pets up to 25 lbs for an additional $10 per pet per night. Pharr Texas Wyndham Inn & Suites in Fort Worth welcomes two pets of any size and allows two cats under 5 lbs and a dog under 2 lbs. Western Edinburg Hotel in San Antonio, a small town near Houston, welcome two pets under 25 lb for an additional charge of $15 per dog or $20 per cat per day.

The Americas Best Value Inn in Pharr welcomes two pets under 50 lbs for an additional $10 per pet per night. The Cambria Hotel at the McAllen Convention Center welcomes pets up to 25 pounds and two cats under 5 pounds. The Cambrian Hotel in McAllen, Texas Wyndham Inn & Suites, just outside Corpus Christi, welcomes two pets of any size for the same rate as the WyNDham Hotel.

The Super 8 in Mcallen Downtown welcomes two pets of any size for an additional $25 per pet per night. Edinburgh allows pets up to £25 and two cats under £5 for the same price as the WyNDham Hotel.

Texas Inn & Suites allows pets up to 20 lbs for an additional $25 per pet per night at the same rate as WyNDham Hotel. A dog under 20 lb is welcome in a caravan for a rental fee of $20 per stay, and two cats under $5.

If applicable, the fees are usually displayed on-site in the "Owner's Fees" section of the checkout. Please read the house rules and contact your host or owner. You are responsible for including your pets in your guestbook when making a reservation, as you may be required to enter pet fees, but you must read the rules and regulations of your hotel and the Texas Inn & Suites website for more information. Contact the host and read about the requirements for pets at WyNDham Hotel in Texas and other hotels across the country.

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There is a grassy area on the property and treats are always available at the reception. Dogs and cats are allowed and accepted, but well-behaved pets may be left unattended in the room. Dogs and cats are not allowed in any of the hotel rooms except in the main lobby and in a small area near the entrance to the lobby. Well - pets with behavioural problems are allowed in all our rooms and may not be left unattended in your room or other areas of your hotel. Pets: Dogs, cats or other pets may not be left in our hotel rooms, except that a well-behaved pet may not be left unattended in another room.

You must leave your mobile number at the reception desk and your room will still be serviced by the caretaker. Good - behaving pets may be left unattended in any room, but a quiet well - behaving pet may not be left unattended in another room. will not attempt to disguise the location of your hotel room or other areas of the hotel such as the lobby or reception.

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More About Pharr