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A Texas high school football player stormed onto the field, angered a referee, blindfolded an official and knocked him over before being ejected from the game, according to a video circulated on social media Thursday night. After running around the sideline a little, Duron stormed onto the field and went to ground referee Fred Garcia with a body check. He went at the official, punched him before attacking him and getting so angry that he was ejected from the game. He left the field in a car and was taken by ambulance to another stadium where he will be examined.

The Monitor's Andrew McCulloch reported that Garcia, 58, was able to get up after lying on the grass for a while, but not before blindfolding himself.

Asked about the incident after the game, Edinburgh coach JJ Lejia told the Monitor: "We cannot release any information about this incident. Duron was charged with rough conduct, then banned from the games and again charged with unsportsmanlike conduct. During an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America, one of the two football players punished for the act said the officials used a racial slur, though they denied it. As the final minute of Allen's victory ended, Fieilo took out his frustration by blindfolding an official and running away in the flow of play.

The Edinburgh District Council said in a written statement: 'We apologise to all athletes, staff and the school community for the inappropriate behaviour of our athletes and staff during the Allen High School football match on Saturday 2 September 2016. We apologize to the parents, coaches, teachers, students, parents and community members of the athlete for this incident.

The Texas Association of Sports Officials has launched an investigation into the situation that occurred at the Allen High School football game on Saturday, September 2, 2016. This article has been updated since it was first published on Thursday evening and will continue to be updated.

The McAllen Monitor reported that medical staff at the stadium examined the referee for a concussion. The Monitor reported that Duran was suspended for one game for his role in the incident at Allen High School on Saturday.

The Trinity football coach invited Fieilo to the school to talk about the lessons he learned from the playoff incident. One of the ones I'm most ashamed of, 'he told the Dallas Morning News' Naheed Rajwani in 2016. In his last game as a senior, he was placed on the bench for the game against Trinity for his role in the incident with Allen.

With a little help I can walk pretty easily, but unfortunately it's not new for Texas football to work the field. After the referee announced the referees' dismissal, Fieilo ran out of the locker room with Trinidad's defensive lineman Emmanuel Johnson to hit the official. He told UIL that referee Robert Watts had to pay, which is not true, and that I would not be surprised if another player beat Watts.

Edinburgh senior Emmanuel Duron blindfolded the officer before he was thrown to the ground, according to a video circulated on social media on Thursday night. The McAllen newspaper reported Friday that Duron, 18, was charged with assault and posted $10,000 bail.

Duron is a senior and was named to the Class 3A State Championship Team of the Texas High School Athletics Association in the early 2020s. He finished runner-up in the country in his junior season after winning 4-2 at a tournament in a state.

After graduating from Sam Houston State in 2014, Fieilo returned to Euless and applied to the police, where he became a revered police officer, according to Rajwani. Last season, he was also the Bobcats "kicker, crowd favorite and star wrestler.

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